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Poetry Vs Science :
Polish poet Juliusz Słowacki [1809-1849] wrote between 1843/4-1846? a mystical prose poem entitled “Genesis from the Spirit” published in 1871. If we reduce the mystical parts of the poem to a minimum, we arrive at his poetic description of the “Big Bang” :

“…The Spirit… turned one point… of invisible space into a flash of Magnetic-Attractive Forces. And these turned into electric and lightning bolds – And they warmed up [in the Spirit… You, Lord, forced him…] to flash with destructive fire…[ You turned the Spirit… into] a ball of fire and hung him on the abysses [… And here… a circle spirits… he grabbed ] one handful of globes and swirled them around like a fiery rainbow… “

This is how poetic intuition could anticipate the great scientific discoveries of 20th century…
(see :,big-bang-according-to-the-19th-century-polish-poet-j-slowacki for more information and references)

How is it possible that a writer, poet or mystic is sometimes able to predict the future or explain the secrets of nature better, faster than scientists ? How to explain this mysterious, God-given talent ? It has been a topic that has occupied the attention of great minds for centuries… Polish poet Stanisław Wyspiański [1869-1907] explains it like this:

“I have this gift: I see things in a different way. Not like you, who do not educate your eyes, for whom God has created clichés and stereotypes, You, who, impressed by my art, call me a "prophet" and subject me to schoolboy questions,
So I took the liberty of taking a mental journey - incognito and somewhere off the beaten track, And suddenly I found myself with my old comrade Muse - and for her, there are no secrets, obscurities, or darkness, as true talent ignores any doubts. And it doesn't matter whether or not the Academies will recognize the importance of my investigations and the details of my research and award me bonuses or medals.… I do not regard knowledge as something so special, as such an unusual thing that would walk on two stilts. Art is of the mind, it can't be manufactured, it is created, and once created by the mind, it is a certainty. That's why I consider my scientific thoughts to be as good as those of people with scientific degrees, and that's why I think that anyone to whom God has given a home, that is, someone who has a good head on his shoulders and gets everything out of his head, it's easy for him to do without many advisors…” / S. Wyspiański NOTY DO "BOLESŁAWA ŚMIAŁEGO"

S.Wyspiański was also a very interesting painter, see:
More information about J.Słowacki : or (Italian)

"The Poet as Prophet" :
...Juliusz Słowacki became more noticed around the world in 1978, when Pole John Paul II became pope. It was then recalled that the poet had written (in 1848) a very surprising, visionary poem which speaks of the arrival of a ‘Slavic Pope’who would be a sort of prophet of modern times . This poem had a very important and lasting impression not only on a multitude of believers, but also on the entire Polish society and beyond. For them, this poem was another argument that John Paul II is the authentic, true messenger of heaven. That the Pope’s advice and instructions were in line with God’s will… And John Paul II (who was also a poet himself ) consciously used it to increase his influence. So the poet’s idea of ​​the “Slavic Pope” played an exceptional role even at the political level. John Paul II used it to trigger a whole avalanche of great events: the creation of the first free trade union “Solidarność” in the Eastern bloc, the overthrow of the communist dictatorship, in Poland and then in other countries of the Eastern bloc, and finally the fall of the Berlin Wall. Does anyone know a better example of the power of poetry in the real life? (another outstanding Polish poet
Zygmunt Krasiński [1812-1859] wrote: “Poetry is the only thing that can motivate people to act. I'm not talking about poems here, but about what is poetic in our soul, what can be manifested and seen in the shine of a saber, or heard in a stanza!” ). Some even assume that Słowacki‘s poem became the basis of the “program” of the pontificate of St. John Paul II. This is the beginning of the poem :

In the midst of all the disagreements, Lord God rings A huge bell,
For the Slavic, here is the pope He opened the throne.
For this Slavic Pope, he won't escape Like this Italian,
He will fight boldly, like God, with swords; The world is dust to him!
His face, is beaming in a word, A lamp to the servants,
The rising tribes will follow him Into the light, where God is.
For his sake and order Not only the people
If he commands, the sun will come to a stop,
Because power is a miracle!...
(see: or / and
Italian trans.: )

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